From time to time, I am consulting individuals and companies on Management in the Digital Area, for example:

  • Digital Transformation
    • Using digital technologies to lift operational performance to a different level
    • Scaling Business Models fast, efficient and reliable
    • Transforming traditional, hierarchical business cultures into agile organizations
  • Project Management
    • Building up Project or Program Management Capabilities
    • Managing complex Projects or Programs
    • Coaching
  • Business & IT Consulting 
    • Restructuring Operations for Improved Performance
    • Efficient Ramp-up and Scaling
    • Strategic Advice & Market Positioning
  • Coaching
    • Management Basics
    • Non-hierarchical “Lateral” Management
    • How to turn yourself from an Autocrat into an Explorer, Gardner, and Coach

My clients include major global companies and a couple of Start-ups.

Contact:; Profile: Linkedin